Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WHERE's 15 Things to Love about Vancouver

When I said I'd share some secrets about Vancouver, when I found this just published piece by Where Vancouver ... well, it resonates.

1 Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who are in town to film Twilight: Breaking Dawn. (did I tell you I was the Featured Performer in JK Rowling movie, Strange Magic, also shooting here?)

2 The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, which is nominated for a 2011 Juno Award. Tune in Mar. 27 to see if the VSO wins. (the VSO really is one of the most under-rated, great orchestras around)

3 Howard Hughes. The eccentric billionaire arrived at Vancouver’s Westin Bayshore Hotel on Mar. 14, 1972, taking over two floors for himself and his employees—though no hotel staff ever glimpsed the recluse during his long stay. (Errol Flynn - and his ladies - was another famous guest of that era, at the Hotel Vancouver ... and did you know that Boris Korloff actually came from Vancouver?)

4 Canine ambassadors such as Beau and Mavis. (Vancouverites are dog-crazy; expect to see packs of dog-walkers hanging out at your neighborhood Starbucks)

5 Fresh seafood. (Fresh, fresh, fresh ... especially if purchased directly off the boats at Steveston)

6 The Granville Island Broom Company.(Check out the organic sake maker, the amazing luthier and other one-of-a-kinds)

7 David Suzuki. The local author and environmental activist turns 75 on Mar. 24. (and let's not forget Greenpeace originated in Vancouver)

8 Luxurious anti-microbial yoga towels made by local company Baktuli (www.bak Each one sports a playful saying such as “Some like it hot.” At Moule and Fine Finds. (fitting company for Vancouver's other yoga great: Lulu Lemon)

9 Red Robinson. The legendary local disc jockey turns 74 on Mar. 30. Named in his honour, the 1,000-seat theatre at the Boulevard Casino features Gino Vannelli (Mar. 5) and Meat Loaf (Mar. 18 and 19) this month. (Red is one of the most genuine folks around ... a real local celeb. who has always loved his roots)

10 The Vancouver Canucks hockey team, which is celebrating its 40th season. (and they are doing sooooooo well - will the Stanley Cup be ours this year?)

11 The sense of community: Mar. 24 is Dining Out for Life, when restaurants across the Lower Mainland donate 25 per cent of each food bill to HIV/AIDS charities. (this is the first of so many community events that will now take place virtually every weekend through to the Fall)

12 Scuba diving. The water is cold—but it doesn’t warm up much in the summer. Scuba fans prefer winter diving here, when visibility is best. (Best spots include Porteau Cove)

13 The Vancouver Art Gallery. (Emily Carr and fantastic traveling exhibits of 'the classical greats)

14 Jogging on the seawall.(I've travelled the world, and Stanley Park's seawall is the best multi-experience, multi-generational seaside experience around)

15 Tiny art in Spirit Wrestler Gallery’s Mini Masterworks IV (Mar. 26 to Apr. 16). (and all the art at the Bill Reid Gallery)

If you have other favorites, let me know ...