Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Olympic Christmas

Now that we've had our first snow, icey sleet and salted sidewalks, everyone at Travelink Publishing is getting the festive vibe.

Olympic 'stuff' is around the corner - catch us skating the Richmond Olympic Oval - and stay tuned for what it will be like in the eye of the storm. Our offices are in the Olympic 'red zone' so there's no telling what that actually means once the torch arrives back in Vancouver and security gets hot and heavy. Meanwhile, take note of city streets that are now decorated with decal-flags from each of the participating countries, and making up a flag-walk.

The holly trees have lots of red berries and since that's indicative of a heavy winter to come, the Games should have snow. Thank goodness.

But that's 2010, and we've still to celebrate the end of 2009 ....

So happy holidays from Travelink's scribes, video-masters and photographers all of who have some pretty nifty new ideas to keep you hot-wired to some of the neatest travel experiences.