Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It’s pouring with rain, the snow is melting and the temperature is uncharacteristically warm for this time of year. But is there panic in my hometown that all these elements could undo the greatest party this city’s ever seen?

Not a chance.

As the city gets dressed for the ball, the excitement for the 2010 Games is palpable. Banners are emerging on streetscapes, colourful marquees now line the waterfront, flags are beginning to appear in windows, Christmas lights are still up (only now, many flicker red and white), and signs pepper the highways and byways, flashing messages of upcoming road closures and diversion.

Retailers still can’t keep up with the demand for wooly red mitts, emblazoned with the Canadian Maple Leaf in the palm – which is just as well because the weather folks are as optimistic for a chilly February as in-the-know sports enthusiasts are that Canada will own the podium this Olympic Games.

Although many Vancouverites are choosing to escape the scramble of hosting the world on their doorstep, I’m staying put. So what if there’s a traffic jam or two? I say, “Just chill in the cooler climes to come, and enjoy”.

And in case you are wondering? Yes, there are still rooms to be found. Check out the listings at