Monday, October 4, 2010

Alaska - still the edge of the Frontier

Traveling the length and breadth of Alaska sounds like a daunting task, especially since the majority of the state is still very much untamed wilderness. There's a raw beauty about Alaska that breeds independence of mind and spirit. The landscapes still invite homesteaders and pioneers to carve out a self-sufficient lifestyle here which, from any urbanzied perspective, looks pretty darn inhospitable at the best of times.

But ifyou're willing to roll with whatever the day might bring, have a dry pair of socks, and an all-weather jacket, Alaska should be on everyone's bucket list. Besides, the Alaska Railroad is legendary and one of the few remaining trains in the world that you can still flag down.

The harshly beautiful environments have engendered a kind of no-nonsense culture and it's easy to see how they've formed the backbone of Sarah Palin politics. Interestingly, Alaskans are divided towards their former governor, it part because they feel she left them after only two years in office -- during which time she tookon a currupt establishment, and won. Did she sell out for a book deal? Were establishment lawsuits making her ineffectual? Did she feel that she could make a bigger difference on a bigger stage?

Whatever you believe, one thing is true. Today, as a private citizen,and cheerleader for a back-to-founding priciples Americanism, she is widely considered one oof the most influential women in politics. It's been a meteroric rise from relative obscurity to the world stage which, when all is said and done, can only be good for Alaska. And SP wouldn't have it any other way.

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